4 Free OCR Software Tools to extract Text from Images

4 Free OCR Software Tools to extract Text from Images

In the course of running a business, people now and then deal with multiple hard copies of documents, PDFs, and images. But you know what? No need to waste valuable time on the manual process of typing individual text since there are a variety of online free OCR software options available that rapidly extract text out of an image or document. Whether you want to transform jpg to txt, pdf to text, or any other image to text, these scanners have been using smart Optical Character Recognition, which scans the image and converts it to textual form. You should look for an online OCR image to text converter that will allow you to easily and accurately cope with a large number of documents and images.

What Does Image to Text Exactly Mean? 

An image-to-text converter, also known as a picture-to-text converter, is a program that enables you to extract text from an image and save it as a text file. This process employs the Optical Character Recognition technique. OCR is a renowned and established data entry procedure that scans and converts text in images to text files or documents. The textual content of the picture is processed in some steps, which include identification, character coding, and digitized scanning.

OCR Technology Works as Follows

it can analyze any type of text, regardless of whether it is written or typed on an image. After analyzing or detecting the text the OCR technology converts it to encoded text. OCR technology is capable of analyzing any type of text, whether written or typed on an image and converting it to encoded text. OCR is a super-efficient and faultless technology that can be found on the internet for free.

You may be wondering why it is regarded as one of the most precise technologies for this reason. It can recognize or scan the blurry and undefined text on the image you entered and transform it to text with ease while staying error-free.

The Importance of OCR: What is the most important factor of a business? You understand the importance of increased production, and OCR helps you achieve it by reducing the cost and time which would otherwise be spent on collecting data and record-keeping. Employees’ jobs have been shortened and made easier because they no longer have to search the document holding area for particular files. Now workers can easily save it to their pc from any record or image. It can also assist you and the organization in cutting costs which they had to spend on data recovery staff. The list of advantages continues.

The main problem with older systems was the lack of precision, but the OCR provides the most accurate outcomes, making it an astounding innovation.

There is a step-by-step process of CCR working.

Recognize Pattern

Using this method, the computer strives to identify the entire character and relates it to the program’s character matrix. This method is also known as pattern matching or matrix matching.

Extraction of Characteristics

This method of character detection is far more streamlined. It categorizes characters into “features” like lines, line directions, closed loops, and junctions.

Text Recognition Improved Using Pre-processing

To successfully recognize text, the program must first pre-process the image using methods such as:

DE-SKEWDE-SPECKLECharacter SegregationLayout AnalysisLine Detection
Changing the angle of the image to make the text lines completely horizontal or vertical.This is the procedure for removing blemishes and smoothing out the characters’ edges.Characters who may have merged into one another are separated.All text locations, columns, and paragraphs are labeled. Getting rid of overlapping lines or boxes.

Here we will now discuss a few OCR converters that can help us to convert our image to text precisely and quickly.

  1. Imagetotext.info


  • Even blurry and low-resolution images can be extracted using this tool. Images from books, self-written notes, and screenshots are dark and difficult to understand. Nonetheless, this tool can extract information from such images.
  • This photo to text tool incorporates a variety of data that has been fed into it via machine learning. It can be used to detect mathematical errors. 
  • Everyone has access to this tool. You can extract text from an image without registering or paying anything.
  • This tool’s diversity in recognizing multiple languages is a nice feature. Using this tool, you can convert multiple language images into text. 
  • After extraction, you can download the textin.txt or.docx format using this tool’s download option.
  1. OCR.best


  • This is the best online OCR software that converts images to text using artificial intelligence techniques.
  • There is no daily limit for converting unlimited images to text.
  • Text can be extracted from scanned documents, low-resolution photos, or even mathematical expressions using this tool.
  • With a single click, you can save a word document or copy text from an image.
  • Data is extracted from structured documents, while information is extracted from unstructured documents and images.
  1. Editpad.org 


  • There is no need to register or install anything to use this text converter.
  • It is entirely free and extracts text from images in a matter of seconds.
  • This feature allows you to upload images in PNG, JPEG, BMP, and JPG formats.
  • Users can also easily drag images from their systems.
  • You can get the desired text from any image online by extracting readable text from it using a URL.
  • This tool allows you to copy the extracted text in real-time.
  1. Utilities-online.info


  • There are no limits to the number of files that can be uploaded. You may upload as many files as you wish to have converted into text. 
  • You do not need to register to complete your work in this tool. It is completely free to use. 
  • You don’t have to be concerned if your images or scanned pages are blurry. With high accuracy, this OCR technology scans and converts text from images into text files.
  • The Utilities-online.info algorithm is designed to detect and identify your mathematical equations.


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