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Did you ever experience digital interruption which has been spread all over the market and majorly affecting the profits of enterprises? 99Tech are the most appropriate place where you can find the best working resource section. Our resource section will provide you in-depth information regarding digital distraction trends and their potential, impact, and implications on other stakeholders across the industry.

We proudly deliver value addition to the ideas of creative-minded entrepreneurs who are seeking for accurate platforms. Our primary goals are to facilitate relevant stakeholders in the industry who wants to get supported to take further steps. During this process, we have prepared lots of things for our readers. You may consider our instructions as Wikipedia for On-Demand platforms and digital disruption. We acutely honour your contribution to guest posts which will help us to take you nearer to the target.  

99Tech purely entertain its audience with inventive, eminent and up to dated content regarding numerous topics in technology. We keenly observe and buck up professional freelancers as well as guest writers so that they can contribute their skills to our website. We will appreciate your work if it is well researched, proper vision and contain valuable opinions from our audience. You will always welcome to write to us.

Let’s talk about some of the business tips which you must know for initiating your business. we always suggest our writers keep themselves updated regarding altering business trends so that they can offer valuable insights. We give wide opportunities to writers such as they can even share their experiences in terms of their businesses.

What we produce

Usually, our website covers a wide range of topics which may include any of them:

  •    Tools and appliances
  •    Trivial Business
  •    Gaming
  •    Biz Tech
  •    Cell phones (like Blackberry, Android, iOS, Windows,)
  •    Sales
  •    Public Media
  •    Advertising
  •    Web Apps
  •    Cloud
  •    Internet
  •    IoT
  •    Software
  •    BYOD
  •    Safety
  •    IT
  •    Big Data

Hence, we are looking for a wide range of writers with a variety of business ideas who can efficiently write interesting, informative and insightful blogs and articles for our website. We want to introduce you to an entrepreneurial community with thoughtful ideas in your respective field. We do not emphasize your experience in your field.

Important: we take content from various parts of the globe without any discrimination.

What we contract

Here are given few fortes about our dealings:

  •    Author Byline: every time we post an article or a blog we feel obliged to attribute authors name by means of bio (max 60 words) and photo. Bio will also include links to other social pages and related website.
  •    Our Audience: our audience are your future customers and you will be surprised that we are leading with more than 80,000 views in a month.
  •    Our Following: we always feel the honor to spread awareness of your business via our strong social media connections.  

The rule for Guest Posting

Well researched, original and high-quality content is our prior demand for guest posting. Right after you submit your content to 99Tech, for publishing. Our active editors will frequently review your content and will ensure its compatibility with our policies. We suggest some key areas of writing which include:

  •    Original content: the originality of your content is best explained in terms of 0% plagiarism. We are strictly against copied content.
  •    Grammar: prior to submitting your content, make sure it must be free of grammatical errors.
  •    Word count: although it depends upon the subject of your content, yet we only publish contents with words ranging from 700 to 2,500.
  •    Photos: we always post such photos which are in GIF, JPEG or PNG format. Your photos must be clear and of high resolution.
  •    Tone: it is very important to decide which tone will suit your subject. It can differ from casual to professional. Avoid changing your tone in parts of content. For the blogs, you can use informal tone but for the articles and technical posts, you cannot afford to use an informal tone.
  •    The title, headlines, and subheading: try to use attractive headings in your posts. We prefer to post such content that contains small sections with subheadings.  

Make sure that your content should be aligned with above-given guidelines. Prior to sending your article go through its content carefully and send us a final draft along with images. The final draft must contain a definite author’s bio for 40-50 words.

The ideal blogs are the one which makes a description in terms of personal business experience. So that other business owners and entrepreneurs could take advantage of the provided information and can easily implement in their respective businesses. So, your content must-have personal knowledge that could catch the attention of readers.

For instance, you may choose to write about the business challenge which you have faced while establishing your business, how did you overwhelmed it and any advice that you want to deliver to your audience so that they become alert of bad consequences.

Note: blogs are specialized for sharing personal experiences so that content must contain the factor of originality and enough information. Here are given some rules accordingly:

  •    Use the first-person pronoun.
  •    Deliver clear, thoughtful and informative content regarding small business owners and entrepreneurs.
  •    Use word count between 800 to 1500.
  •    Use plagiarism free content.
  •    Break paragraphs with bullets, heading, and subheadings.
  •    Avoid sharing direct links, direct sales or promotions.

Ways to submit your guest post

You may send your article to 99tech.company@gmail.com Our editors will review your article to check its alignment with our policies and if it is relevant to our audience concern. Further, we will reply with their response and suggestions. Once you send your final draft, we will thoroughly go through this and will inform regarding possible alterations (if require). once it passed through all the stages and our team agreed to approve your post we will schedule your post and publish them immediately.

Important: 99Tech has all rights to make editing in your article to make it appropriate for our audience. Our team works dedicatedly to ensure the quality of your work and resist plagiarism in any form.