Best destinations For Solo Travelers in the USA

Best destinations For Solo Travelers in the USA

Solo travels give you a chance to leave your comfort zone and cultivate a unique experience. Traveling alone is a trend that is becoming popular among the people of all genders, interests, and ages. However, the idea of traveling alone can intimidate some people. Security is a major concern for most people when starting to travel alone. As such, many people want to find the best destinations for solo travelers in the USA. 

But, what makes a destination friendly to solo travelers? Attractions, accessibility, costs, hospitality, and vibe are just some of the things that determine whether a destination is solo travel-friendly. However, whether you prefer a cosmopolitan or an outdoor atmosphere, there are many places you can travel alone in the U.S. Here are some of the best destinations for solo travelers in the USA. 

New York, New York 

New York is a densely populated city. As such, even if you travel to this city alone, you will be surrounded by many people everywhere you go. Nevertheless, New York has many tourist attractions that you can enjoy alone. You can catch Broadway shows or enjoy different cuisines in this city. Just plan your trip ahead of time to make your solo travel experience better. 

San Francisco, California 

Many people love San Francisco once they visit it for the first time. This is an awesome, photogenic city on the West Coast. It’s a favorite travel destination for many international and local travelers. In addition to having amazing sights, San Francisco has people with special energy. The hills, misty mornings, and bay views from different angles make travelers feel like they are enjoying a popular movie setting. 

With cable cars, buses, scenic walks, and the affordable Bay Area Rapid Transit to get you around, exploring San Francisco alone becomes easier. 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Atlanta is a city many solo travelers never get enough of. It presents a perfect blend of natural beauty and urban charm. There are many local museums and parks as well as beautiful restaurants in this city. But, your solo trip to Georgia will be incomplete if you don’t enjoy the nightlife of this city. This city has many nightlife spots where you can dance to hip hop, blues, and jazz. 

New Orleans, Louisiana 

New Orleans is perhaps, the most welcoming city. Navigating this city alone is also fun. It is a quirky city full of museums, street musicians, art, churches, and shops. These create a perfect flair for a solo traveler. 

Once you fill ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) visa application and have it approved before traveling to the U.S.A, you can even walk along the Mississippi River to enjoy a more satisfying tour of the city. The ESTA determines your eligibility to travel to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). It also determines whether you pose a security or law enforcement risk. If you are traveling to the U.S from a VWP country, you need ESTA approval to enter the U.S by sea or air. 

Get an ESTA visa to enjoy your trip to New Orleans, Louisiana to the fullest. You can even go on Plantation and Swamp excursions to see the old oak trees covered by the Spanish moss. These are perfect spots to take amazing travel photos. 

Florida Keys, Florida 

The Florida Keys has the best islands for sun-drenched solo travels. Your solo trip to this destination can be action-packed or just relaxing. You can get a snorkel and explore the turquoise waters or use a fishing charter to go out. You can also drive from one island to another. Some of the islands you can explore during your solo trip to the Florida Keys include Islamorada, Key West, and Key Largo. 

Other activities you can engage in during your solo trip to this travel destination include biking along the coast and feasting on fresh seafood. There are also museums, boutiques, and art galleries that you can visit. 

Washington, DC 

Take your time to soak up the culture of Washington, DC. This is a popular destination for solo travelers from different parts of the world. Walk around the memorials and monuments of this city. Explore museums for free or head out to the National Gallery of Art as well as its beautiful Sculpture Garden. 

Alternatively, go on a Potomac cruise, past the neighborhoods of the oldest riverfront in America. You can stop at Georgetown to find out what makes it charm visitors. Enjoy unique boutiques, Michelin-starred restaurants, and scenic views of this city. 

Austin, Texas

If you are fun of music, your trip to the U.S.A will be incomplete if you don’t visit Austin, Texas. This travel destination has over 250 music venues. People know it for live music concerts. The Austin City Limits Festival is a major highlight of this city. However, many music-related activities happen throughout the year. Simply check out Austin’s iconic venues to know what they have lined up for locals and visitors. 


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