Best Resources For Android Development

Best Resources For Android Development

According to statistics by Forbes, nearly 45% of smartphones in the market use Android operating system.2018 study by statistics revealed that android the highest number of apps in the market with an estimated 2.8 million. Thus android app development is one of the most critical skills for any tech professional, especially in-app design services. Here are the top resources for android app development today.

Android Studio

Android Studio

Android studio has all the resources required to learn, build and improve an android application. The resource centre managed and owned by google has several features including visual layout, ICE(Intelligent code editor), simulators, built-in system, Real-time analyser and APK analyser. The latest upgraded studio has additional features for beginners to learn android app development and mobile design services to perfect their coding skills. Further, being the largest resource centre, android studio h a huge community of users who can provide advice, guidance, mentorship and resources o beginners.

Intellij Idea

Intellij idea is owned by a software development company called JetBrains. As an android development resource, it has the simplest and excellent resources containing all major resources like documentation, development guide, manual and key performance indicators. Intellij idea is the official resources for android studio, thus making it the ideal resource for starters. Some ideal features offered by Intellij idea include clever code, code analysis program, JetBrains tools, and refactoring tools. Further, it contains a large community of users and several commercial editions.


For developers who love using their mobile devices like phones and tablet to develop, then AIDE is the ideal resource. AIDE provides some of the most convenient resources for development, including android tutorials. Also, AIDE provides a platform to write code, test or debug using the mobile phone or tablet. Though AIDE has fewer features compared to android studio, it is the ideal resource for learners aiming to perfect their android app development and design services. One advantage of AIDE is that it offers a highlighted code which can be used to run an application on the mobile phone.

Some of the advantages associated with AIDE include.

  • You can follow interactive coding lessons to improve your android development profession.
  • The resource consist of feature-rich applications to edit, write, code, check errors, refactoring and code navigation.
  • Use the java debugger to locate and remove the error from your code.
  • You can build your android app using either the SDK developer or the java console.


B4A, which stands for Basic 4Android, is a useful resource developed mainly android development purely. It uses the simplest language in android development and compiles all major android codes. Some of the features of B4A include:

  • Ability to develop android applications using simple programming language
  • Visual editor to be used for data manipulation and integration of views
  • Wireless debugging system for debugging codes

With these features, B4A is an ideal resource for developing the best android application with minimum time and effort. Some of the best android app development services by major players in the industry, including Redwerk, use B4A as one of the key resources in development.



Firebase is a great resource which can be used both for website development and android app development services. With Firebase, you get access to several tools for monitoring, managing, and developing android applications. Apart from android app development, Firebase can also support IOS and website development. Thus, if you want to build a career as a multi-skilled developer with the ability to design both mobile and applications, then this is the best resource for you.

Android SDK

The Android SDK is a product of android owns and managed by android. As a mobile development tool, android SDK is a package consisting of several android tools including;

  • Platform tools
  • SDK documentation
  • SDK resource
  • SDK example
  • Google API
  • Android support

You can download the tools using the SDK manager for free. Though the resources are free, you can sign up for the premium membership, which has additional features.

Unity 3D

If you want to develop graphics intensive application, then unity 3D is the ideal choice for you. Unity is a cross-platform resource with better capabilities for android development compared to android studio. Since it has several game-specific programs and features, unity 3D is the best resource for games development. Its features are mainly for telling stories as opposed to coding, hence making it ideal for building virtual reality.

With these tools, you can design, develop, edit and launch an android application. Remember, there is no ideal resource for every user, but the best depends on the specific user needs.


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