Everything Google Announced At Its Big Pixel 3 Launch Event

Everything Google Announced At Its Big Pixel 3 Launch Event

The Google smartphone flagship has been the crowning mobile phone endorsement when it comes to the Android OS. The year 2018 has been one of the most anticipated ones for Google’s signature smartphone occasion – The Pixel 3 Event. Google has always produced paramount parables of virtual virtuosities of tech-savvy gadgets together with inbuilt apps designed to perform topnotch functionalities.

The event raised bars to new heights and demonstrated Google’s caliber to go on with the flow. Other bigger names in the mobile manufacturing industries like Apple and Samsung has always appraised the Google Pixel to outsmart them in some decked in compartments, especially, the camera and the design for its most innovative phone. What really has changed the game, in favor of the biggest virtual tech giant Google in this years’ P 3 launch event are definitely some serious announcements. I’ll be discussing them later, but here’s a little synopsis of the real deal hands-on of Google’s most projected phones this year – The Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL.


The Pixel phones have always been popular for their pure stock android versions (Pixels of 2016 and 2017). The flagship has impressively ingrained excellent OLED displays with some of them being Active Matrix insulated ones (AMOLED), and surreal visuals embracing 12+ megapixels camera capturing picture-perfect photos. Additionally, the sturdy casing engrossed with aluminum frameworks embodied with glossy glass endured surface crescendos and the dual tone colors back body assimilates up a unique shade sort accord.

The story of the Pixel phone initiated on October 4, 2016 and to this date, it shines as one of those major mobile making brands, which instills every tidbit of non-tangible high-end tech. This gadget is arguably one of the most precisely built with up-to-the-minute acclimatizes.


Nowadays, the Pixel has recently made its comeback with their latest gizmo trademark – 3 and the 3 XL. These two phones are great and certainly comes with the notch as possibly predicted by phone experts. The Notch City story is real and every smart phone is carrying on with the iPhone’s design homage.

Though, Lew Hilsenteger aka Unbox Therapy on YouTube has taken us right into the developers mode to give us a few multifaceted options to play with the shape and screen condensation of the notch. Don’t forget to look into his videos for more updates. Other popular phone YouTubers that you can follow to get some critical analysis on such tech gadgets include XEETECHCARE, MKBHD, GeekyRanjit, and Erica Griffin.


Now here’s what you all are waiting for. Feels just like how fashion turned away from Harry Potter’s Quidditch uniform to the more modish and magical Newt Scamander Coat. The biggest versatile series of high-tech machines we have witnessed on October 9, 2018, at the biggest Google occasion of the year – The Pixel 3 Launch event:

Google Pixel Slate


A great pioneering miniature on-the-go machine introduced by Google during the latest Pixel phone launch. It’s a brand new, separable signature widget that follows the Pixelbook. One of the most precise laptop with frame-to-body ratios Google has introduced recently, and used the popular smartphone coverage for it. Without a doubt, these compact convertibles are getting in progress with settlements to popularity factor as well. The latest Google Pixel Slate comes with a mid-range price of about $600 dollars.

Google Home Hub and Google Assistant


One of the best deals that are making homes’ smarter than never before. The new intuitive home appliances have become integral part of our houses, especially when compared with a futuristic Apple ecosystem (connected devices exclusively made by Apple Inc). Google has announced a new smart display and adding more to its Google Home family. This ground-breaking voice assistant integration is pretty much similar to its counterparts’ such as the Amazon Echo Show and comes by the benchmark name Google Home Hub. The screen showcase is mounted on a speaker together with a minimalistic grey and white color shades that forebear Google Home products designs. The prices will be in between $150 to $200 for its brand new model.

Google Pixel Stand


Here’s a truly upbeat this year by Google at its biggest launch event – Pixel Stand. A vertically positioned prop stand that gives the core cultivation to your handsets and lets you dock your device with a powered USB type-C plug-in. The exclusive tangible add-on to your Pixel 3 and 3 XL supports fast charging and is compatible with any other Qi wireless charging devices. This tech-trendy stand can even turn your mobiles to the ‘Do not Disturb’ mode when it’s docked at night time.

Furthermore, this tool plays in synchrony with the Google Assistant as well, and you can use the same catchphrase “Hey Google” when your phone is connected to the Pixel Stand. Besides, this vertical stand can deliver a great a good perception to your photos with its Portrait mode. This setting really commemorates me and my crew taking on some stunning outfit photo shoot sessions at Movies Jacket. This main feature keeps a cycle of conduct to your Google Photo albums, carrying out the particular live photo frame gesture. Google also has taken you home security scrutinizes to a whole new level with its ‘Nest Hello’ signature slogan, authorizing a docked phone to display who’s at your doorsteps via security system. The good news is that it’ll be around a decent cost of $100. So better be buying this carry-out stand tool to take your Google devices to fine-attuned heights of innovation.

New Third-generation Chromecast


The year 2018 was a big surprise for Google fanboys and they’re getting some generous high-tech gadgets at the pre-2019 sophisticate spell season. This Google Chromecast was also introduced in the big Pixel 3 launch event to give your television screens’ some Wi-fi entertainment enriches. In the UK, it costs around £30 to £40 and comes with two colors – chalk white and charcoal black. Enjoying cinematic like Netflix TV shows and streaming YouTube and Hulu from the internet wasn’t that much laid-back convenient until Chromecast first came out.


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