Best Apps for Apple Watch

Best Apps for Apple Watch

I am some time out of my breath thinking how fast the technology is growing. Everything is smart today. From televisions to mobile, from Laptops to humanity itself. And now this is an era of smartwatches. Apple no doubt is the best company producing best smartwatches ever. Well yes, they are quite expensive. But you must have heard “No pain, no gain”. Once you have bought your apple watch you must be curious about which App to install first. As the apple store is flooded with different applications. I have figured out the best ever Apps for your smartwatch.

One thing I need to tell you guys is that your iPhone Apps can be transferred to your watch as well. So before going to see the list, you can add up your favorite iPhone App into your smartwatch. Let’s see what I have for you guys below.


You might have using this App on your iPhone already. This is audiobook service that will narrate your favorite books to you quickly. Always remember one thing, it does not stream to your watch, you must sync your audiobooks with iPhone. This process is little time taking.  Audible can be used on all the versions of Apple watch. It has a vast catalog and with very high-quality narration. You can use it to nay best-suited location, either on your bed or in the gym, while swimming or having a cup of coffee. Audible is absolutely free.


Carrot is the weather telling App and is on number 3 in the list. It’s helpful if you want to know if the weather is good for reading a book at home or going out swimming. Carrot has the best interface, and you can select its display according to your own choice. It has some amazing information and alerts for you. Plan your picnics, or schedule your meeting according to the best weather. You need to go premium for using this App. $ 4.99 is not a big deal. I assure you, carrot worth every penny.



Apple watch cannot track our sleep patterns on its own. For this, there is an App for you named as Sleep++. This App enables your smartwatch to track your sleeping patterns. All you need to do is wear it, while you are in bed. It will notice the time as well as the sleep pattern to tell you in the morning. Make sure it is fully charged before you go to sleep. Automatic sleep detection is one of its killer features. So download it from App store now as Sleep++ is free to use.

The Score App

TheScore App

Who is not a sports addict nowadays? You must have 1 or 2 sports App in your iPhone. Either directly transport them to your Apple watch or else I can tell you one of the best sports App for your smart Watch. theScore is top sports App that will keep you up to date regarding different sports score and News. You can now follow your favorite teams, without sitting in front of the television all day. theScore is absolutely free, you can easily download it from App store. In addition to that this App is highly customizable. You can set its interface or select some particular teams of your choice.

Night Sky

You are lying down on your bed all alone and suddenly you feel the urge to see the starts, moon, and sky. Did this ever happen to you? Well, I feel this after some days. If you are a nature and since lover at the same time then Night sky is the best App for Apple watch you are wearing. War it in your wrist, it will work as amazingly as it does on iPhone. The night sky will tell you about the starts or planets above you at any time. And when the planet vanishes it will give the beautiful overview of the sky either full of stars or clouds.


You might be using Spark on your iPhone, if yes, let me tell you it works best on the small screen too. Spark is an email management app that helps you to organize your emails. This simple and easy to use App will help you to combine your emails and calendar. Every section (newsletter, meeting call, personal) has one big colorful button, that lights up when there is a new email. You can check your mail at once and can decide which action to perform.

Water Minder

Water Minder

You are existing on this planet because of water. Intake of a decent amount of water is very important to maintain health. Running, exercising or performing every core seems easy, but they might become difficult if your body collapse. So you should have one App that will keep telling you about your hydration level. WaterMinder, a kind of fitness App helps you to determine how much water you should drink in a given day. It has built-in buttons of 8, 14 and 17 ounces of water but you can also add or subtract any number. Health is wealth, Keep on drinking a lot of water. And have a record of it on WaterMinder. Well, also It’s free to use.

Just Press Record

Just Press Record

You don’t need to break into iPhone or iPad now in order to record something. If you have smart Watch simply download “Just Press Record”. This App is simplest in use. Just press one button and record what so ever you want to record. Either it’s a song or your friend voice telling his love story. You can even record, in case you are not connected to your iPhone. Transfer all the recording iPhone in order to have a record. Or sync it with iCloud.

If you have wasted so much money on your Apple watch already and you are worried about the Apps now. The above article must be treated for you. Because many of the above Apps are free of cost. Select your favorite one and have fun!!!

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