Motorcycle Tracker Device – Keep Your Motorbike Safe and Secure

Motorcycle Tracker Device – Keep Your Motorbike Safe and Secure

With the emerging solutions of every possible problem that can be easily found in today’s developed date, isn’t it time for motorbike theft problem to be solved too? And with everything being simplified and solved with the use of technologies, theft problems also need a likewise solution.

Now don’t worry about its solution, because we’re here with a suitable one. Monimoto’s motorcycle tracker device works best as a suitable anti-theft solution that comes along with a number of beneficial features.

What’s Best In This?


Monimoto’s motorcycle tracker device is a perfect device to keep your motorbikes/motorcycles safe and secure at all times, while having it in your budget. So even if you can’t afford high-budget devices it totally fine, because this one fits perfectly for everyone with its reasonable low price. Now your bikes safety doesn’t needs a lot of cash, just a perfect device that is affordable yet efficient. And that’s exactly what we serve you with! So there’s no way you’ll need to compromise on the safety of your motorcycle, just because of affordability problem.

Simplified Usage

With the term ‘tracker device’, a feeling of complication comes along that how hard would it be to utilize any such device. But that’s not an all-time situation with every device in town, as Monimoto here offers simple to use tracking device for motorcycles. The only analytics and working of this tracking device depends upon the rider keeping their keys along with them. So as long as your key is along with you, the device wouldn’t get alarmed. But if your vehicle starts without the key’s the tracker device would automatically start alarming and providing you with the location of the vehicle on Monimoto’s app.

Portable Device

The small, simple and portable outlook of Monimoto’s tracking device is the best and most important feature that comes along with it. As the device is wire-free, you don’t need any installation needed to get the device started which means the process is not just easy but also cost-free. Although, that’s not all that comes with this portable device, as it has its own battery too. The device comes along with 2 single-use batteries that are long lasting. This means the portable and efficient tracker doesn’t depends upon your motorcycle’s battery power and independently serves you well in keeping a track of your vehicle efficiently.

Perfect Solution

As each and every tracking device has a method of tracking and working that is either simple or sometimes take some time. Although, the tracking devices for motorcycle’s we offer work as a perfect solution in providing an easy and faster tracking system. So without taking a lot of time, the tracker simply alarms the owner by calling on their phone if any paired key is not detected nearby. And after giving a call, it starts giving the exact location of the vehicle until the paired key isn’t detected anywhere near again. So now all your motorcycle theft problems can easily be solved without having to depend upon more technical and time consuming tracking devices.

Auto-Arming Feature

Auto-Arming Feature
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The best feature of this tracking device is its auto-arming feature. This feature helps one to save their time and efforts from arming and un-arming the tracking device every time they leave there vehicle and need the tracking device to protect it. Instead of all this effort, this portable and efficient tracker automatically disarms itself once it detects the paired key connected to it. And if the paired key isn’t detected nearby, the tracker automatically detects that the motorcycle has been left by the rider and the device auto-arms itself to keep it protected.

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