A walk through to clear AWS Solutions Architect Exam

Cloud computing has solved plenty of IT-related limitations like storage, databases, server access over the internet, and more. Most businesses rely on cloud computing for their IT operations. As cloud computing has become significantly important, cloud services platforms like AWS have also become quite popular. What is AWS? Amazon Web Services or AWS is a […]

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How Cold Email Campaigns Can Grow Your Small Business

Cold email campaigns are not new. The age-old marketing strategy of sending out cold emails to prospect leads has been growing brands despite ever-changing technology. However, cold email campaigns are only effective when done right and it can also be quite a tricky method of marketing your business. This is partly because it can be […]

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Thinking About Retirement? Here Are the Most Crucial Things to Remember

Retirement usually evokes blissful daydreams of free time, filled with well-deserved relaxation and everything else that came after work for many years on end. However, without the proper planning, this is exactly what these sweet mental images will remain – daydreams, as opposed to reality. Leaving retirement plans for the last minute is an almost […]

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The cheapest way to accept Credit Card payments for Small Business

As an entrepreneur, it is important to understand the benefits of technology in a small business. Surveys show that small business owners are lagging behind in the use of modern technology, while successful entrepreneurs report significant business benefits using modern technology. Every year more and newer payment methods appear in the world. However, there is still […]

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Content Curation – How to Write Less and Publish More

You curate stuff that you think appeals to your audience, throw in your own thoughts and publish it on your site. This means you are able to share great material from across the internet with your own particular audience. You can add your own comments about relevant topics from the websites of other people and […]

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Tops ten 3D development tips

Website development time, energy and money can be wasted if you do not include detailed plans to go with it. Start an effective development plan with a target based strategy, realistic goals and expectations for your website today. There are some website development tips to help you get started. Understand 3d development 3d programming and […]

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How to Choose the Right PCB Software for Designing Open-Source Hardware

Designing your own hardware has never been more fun. Ever since a couple of guys making computers in their garages went on to found Apple and Microsoft, who dominate the home computing world market today, boys and girls around the world have been inspired to try making their own hardware. Given how advanced the computers […]

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How Much RAM Do You Really Need?

While having a good graphics card is a no-brainer when it comes to top visuals, there’s another spec that a lot of potential PC buyers tend to miss out: the RAM. You see, RAM is important when it comes to the overall speed and performance of the game, especially with modern titles today. Oh, and […]

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Several Tips and Tricks on How to Create a Dating Site for Beginners

Today, you will hardly find a person who has never used or thought about dating sites since many relationships begin online. A huge number of people use dating sites and apps in search of the soulmates, being involved in single dating. After all, it is not only a comfortable way with many benefits but also […]

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How to Create a User-Friendly Blog

A blog should be based on some topic or some idea which can influence the targeted audience. A user-friendly blog attracts public interests and helps the blog power to generate traffic to convey meaningful campaigns. There are different types of blog ideas which can be implemented depending on the available resources and targeted audiences. Blogging […]

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