Prison School Season 2 – Cast, Releases, Popularity, How To Watch It

Prison School Season 2 – Cast, Releases, Popularity, How To Watch It

Japanese Manga series such as Prison School or Purizun Sukuru is famous not only in Japan but other regions as well. Conceptualized by well-known Akira Hiramoto, Prison School was first aired back in 2015. It is safe to stay that first season of Prison School was a massive hit. Not only fans liked it but they are waiting for its second season.

In the first season, fans had an opportunity to enjoy 12 episodes which are welcomed by anime fans across the world. This story is based on ‘only girls boarding school.’ Hachimitsu Private Academy is not only a school for girls but it is the prestigious one as well. So, they are strict about school decorum. This story has some interesting events too. You will find it turning into a thrilling anime series when the manages allowed boys in the school.

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Not everyone is pleased with the decision. However, the authorities have decided to enroll five boys in the first semester. Prison School has different characters and each role is important. Fans must be aware of Underground Student Council (USC) which is responsible to punish students if they violate rules.

Moreover, Prison School is a stunning piece of art that is presented in a comical way. Apart from this, fans appreciated the friendship between the boys. All these factors make fans wonder what prison school season 2 holds for them.

Plus, this blog has latest updates about prison school season 2 so continue reading.

Prison School Season 2 Cast

Just like season one, you are likely to see the main protagonists in the second season as well. You will see Kiyoshi Fujino who is also the main character of the series. He falls for a girl – Chiyo. He is not the most intelligent individual but knows how not to get into trouble. Moreover, Kiyoshi is a quick thinker which make his character interesting. Despite this, he makes his way several times to prison.

You can expect Takehito Morokuzu also known as Gakuto who uses old-fashioned speech and has a crazy personality. He is intelligent and loyal which is why he never hesitate to make sacrifices for his friends. Moreover, he is both a strategist and pervert. His personality adds entertainment to the series, especially when he uses techniques of generals of three kingdoms. You can see Gakuto falling for Mitsuko.

The series also has Shingo Wakamoto. He is blonde and pessimist. He went to the same high school as Kiyoshi. Plus, he gets along well with the girl – Anzu.

Joji Nezu or Joe seems a misfit in the group of friends. He has a profound interest in art. But, because of his weak health, he does not take part in it actively. In the series, he suffers from severe stomatitis. He went to the high school with Gakuto. You will see him thinking unusually about Sato.

This group of boys also has another boy – Reiji Ando or Andre. He is fat, cares for his friend, but he likes to cause pain just to tease them. He has a special interest in Meiko. He carves for punishment and violates rules frequently.

Apart from the boys, there are girls that have significant roles in the series. You may see Mari Kurihara who is the president of the underground student council. Although she appears as a manipulating and cold girl, she makes sure everyone follows the rules and regulations. She is the daughter of the academy’s chairman. And, Chiyo is shown as her sister. Mari is one of the people who opposed the decision of enrolling boys into the school. Moreover, her personality has a softer side as well. She takes stand for Meiko and gives her enough strength to deal with the bullies like Kate.

Meiko Shiraki is a tall girl and wears spectacles. Meiko is the vice president of the underground student council (USC) and has Judo skills as well. Plus, she is responsible to supervise boys when they are in prison.

Secretary of the underground student council, Hana Midorikawa has martial arts skills which she uses when Meiko’s punishments do not work for the boys.

Prison School Season 2 Releases

As mentioned above, the first season of Prison School was aired in 2015. Since the fans cannot wait to watch prison school season 2. Although the makers have indicated that they will come up something exciting, no news related to the release of the second season has announced so far. So, keep an eye on our blog as we will update it when the release date will be revealed.

Prison School Season 2 Popularity

Not to mention, season one was of the best anime series. Prison School entertain fans in Japan and North America and received an overwhelming response. You can understand its popularity that after the completion of prison school season one in 2015, fans are still waiting season 2. The story is thrilling and engrossing with the right amount of comedy in it.

How To Watch Prison School Season 2

As there are no updates on the second season, it is difficult to find a way to watch season 2. When the makers will announce the date, they will reveal where fans can watch it. However, in any case, you will find prison school season 2 on the internet.

On the other hand, prison school season 2 episodes watch online on the following websites. For example, you can find full episodes of Prison School in English on YouTube. Also, you can go to Animelab to watch season one.

Bottom Line

Prison school season 2 is going to be an interesting season in the series. Therefore, keep an eye on the updates and stay tuned.

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