Protecting Your Brand with Proxy

Protecting Your Brand with Proxy

As for a business owner, CEO, or entrepreneur, one of the biggest concerns is your brand protection measures you put in place. With hacking, malware, and significant information breaks at a record-breaking high, cybersecurity has turned into an undeniable issue for blossoming brands, particularly those with functioning web addresses. 

From released organization’s data and individual data to other delicate information, digital breaks can destroy a company’s name and reputation. For instance, from an e-commerce site’s perceptive, any sensitive information leak can cause an enormous frenzy all around the organization and its clients.

However, all of these problems relating to brand protection can be solved by using proxies. So what are proxies? A proxy server or simply a proxy is a third-party server that exists between your computer and the internet. The primary role of proxies is to mask your original IP address and to allow you to browse the internet anonymously. 

There is a wide range of proxies any business owner should know to ensure maximum brand protection. If you want more information, check out Oxylabs’ solutions and learn more about Your Brand Protection.

Proxies for Brand Protection

There are different types of proxies available on the market today. The best-known ones are data center proxies and residential proxies. 

Data Center Proxies 

These proxy types are the most used proxy servers all over the world. They come from third-party corporations, and they provide high online security. They are not affiliated to a particular ISP or a specific internet connection – they are independent and come from data center companies.

Residential Proxies 

Residential proxies originate from residential IP addresses. They allow you to browse anonymously and links your traffic to a precise real location determined by the ISP, and an internet connection.

These proxies can either be:

  • private/dedicated 
  • shared 
  • semi-dedicated 

Dedicated proxies are single-user proxies. When you purchase dedicated proxies, you’ll be the only individual/business utilizing that IP address. 

Shared proxies are used by multiple users concurrently. Shared proxies are mostly cheap and in some cases, free. These proxies are not ideal for a business as they are not entirely secure.

Semi-dedicated proxies, just as shared proxies, are used by different users. However, the provider limits the number of users to at most 3. 

Using Proxies for Brand Protection

Here are some of the ways you can use proxies to protect your brand.

Company Information Security


Each organization today is stressed over hackers. An information leak is expensive – it can cost your business a lot of money or even damage your image. Proxies act as intermediary servers, and they come in to help protect your website from any leaks. They provide an extra layer of security between your servers and the outside traffic. How? Proxies confront the web and transfer demands from PCs outside the system. When this happens, anyone launching attacks will have a hard task reaching your servers. 

Retail Monitoring And Anti-Counterfeiting

Many businesses use proxies to access information from various sites, landing pages, e-commerce pages, websites, etc. from different locations globally to distinguish retailers and wholesalers selling their items without approval.  

By monitoring all the traders selling their products, they can be able to prosecute the illegitimate traders or anyone selling counterfeits. Counterfeit products can significantly harm a brand. By understanding where these retailers and distributors are located, one can able to set up anti-counterfeiting measures and protect their brand.

Server Protection 


One of the biggest concerns for entrepreneurs is the risk of a business server crash. Nothing is more stressful for a client than a site that has crashed when they need it. So, how can proxies help prevent a server from crashing? 

Proxies will distribute traffic over numerous servers around the globe, doing all of it in the cloud. Peering enables your system to deal with more prominent traffic. Proxies continuously adjust to ensure that your servers are not overburdened and minimize the chances of them crashing. Proxies work best to make sure that all your clients experience consistency every time they are on your site.

Customer Care 

When it comes to business, there is nothing more important than offering the best customer care and experience. Service delivery must always remain top-notch. Don’t you hate it when you contact customer care (of any brand) only to be delayed for several minutes? Honestly, that is not always the best experience. 

To ensure that you provide the best customer care, you can use proxies to increase your bandwidths. Proxies work best in compressing web traffic, which consequently increases bandwidth. Increased bandwidth means high internet speeds. With enhanced internet speeds, your employees will serve your customers faster, and, therefore, better customer care. Better customer care and experience will work towards protecting your brand. 

It takes so much work, time, and effort to build a successful brand. However, it can take a short time to ruin your hard work. Brand protection is essential, and proxies ensure that you are always protected. There are a lot of risks of using an individual IP address over your company’s records, especially if you have a vast amount of data. Any time you are planning to scale up, use proxies to ensure that your brand is always protected.


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