6 tips for buying an ID card printer

6 tips for buying an ID card printer

No matter what your company is, you must require ID cards to ensure good security. When you have an ID card restricted entry in place, no one can enter without showing their IDs card. These cards are often made by external providers who will keep you, your employers and company safe.

You can also get it printed inside your office by buying your own ID card printer. You do not need any special instructions with it. It gives you complete authority over the system. It is a much more cost-effective method which is easily manageable. Just like CardLogic which offers some great printers to you. Here are 6 tips to buy a good printer to print your ID cards and make sure you keep everything secure:

1. The volume of Cards to be printed each year

One of the main things to know whenever you are buying a printer is the number of cards you will need to print each year. Most of the printers available have a cycle of per month. In this way, it is easy to calculate per year performance. Such numbers depend on how large your business really is. If your staff is really huge or you have some temporary or guest visitors also, then you need to have a large number of cards printed each year. Therefore, you would require a printer which has a great capacity. You cannot buy a lower duty one, as it will need replacement continuously.

2. A printer needs to be reliable

Whenever you are buying a new ID card printer, you need to buy something that is reliable and does not break down every now and then. This shows that co-relating your printer with the volume of ID cards is so necessary. If you put a lot of load on your printer than its capacity, then it will breakdown quickly. Also, choose a brand that is known for its durability. CardLogic has a lot of options to choose from. With a little bit of research, you will be able to put your money in the right place. Check the specifications of whatever the printer you are planning to buy.

3. Calculate Consumable costs

Overall an ID card printing machine can be expensive, but their consumables are also worth it. A printer can not function effectively without kits, ribbons and what not. These are key figures to help them function. When you are planning out the money for this payment, you need to plan some sum for the electricity consumed and consumables too. Sometimes, cheaper printers have more expensive consumables you end up with no savings at all.

4. Size of Printer

If you have a small office set up, then the size of an ID card printer matters a lot. Printers usually take up a lot of space along with their consumables. With each feature added, the size and weight will also change drastically. Measure the space you want to place your printer in beforehand and then decide on a few different options. Before buying any printer, it is a vital step to avoid any problems.

5. Features of Cards

Usually, the ID card used to have a single photo and name. Now, with so many new brands and specifications like available on CardLogic, you have so many additional security features that can be printed on the ID cards. Before buying a printer of your choice, you should know and decide what time of security do you want for your employers and organizations.

You have now options to add smart chips, holographic text or even a micro text. All of these additional features will just help to improve the security of yourself, employers and your business.

6. Speed of Printing

Speed of a printer machine is also a very important feature. If you choose a basic printer, then you will have a low speed of printing as compared to other new machines. If you want a high speed, you need to update yourself with a brand that has the latest models, such as suggested by CardLogic.

Speed also depends on the detail you have on each card. For example, if you have more security then obviously it will take more time to print each card individually. Make sure you buy the right printer according to your requirements.


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