9 Fitness Tips To Help You Build Muscle, Lose Fat And Become A Better Athlete

9 Fitness Tips To Help You Build Muscle, Lose Fat And Become A Better Athlete

9 Fitness Tips To Help You Build Muscle, Lose Fat And Become A Better AthleteYou must have heard a proverb that “Health is wealth” how true is that. A healthy body has the capability of doing the daily course in abetter way. A balance diet, certain amount of water, Little exercise and some other tips can help you in maintaining your health. You will find a lot of content on internet telling you how to maintain your body shape, but following some of information might mislead you. In this article I am listing down 9 best fitness tips that will Help you  to build Muscle, Lose fat and become a Better Athlete. Let’s have a look on them.

  1. Drink A lot of Water

Drink A lot of Water

All the Nutrition’s and fitness experts mostly recommend intake of lots and lots of water. healthy body needs 14 glasses of water every day. One of the very important functions of water is to cool the body down during workout sessions. It generates sweat and lower down the body temperature. Moreover it helps to digest your food in a better way. It prevents the body against different infections and help to maintain body weight. It also works as lubricant for your joints. So hydration is the simple way, to keep your body fit and loose fats.  

  1. Don’t Skip Your Breakfast

Don’t Skip Your Breakfast

DO NOT I repeat DO NOT skip your breakfast at all. You can think on reducing others meal from the day but not breakfast. We all grew up listening to the famous saying “Breakfast like king, lunch like prince and dinner like a poor”. Skipping breakfast might help you in losing weight but at the same time it is hazardous for your athletic performance. It’s the first meal that gives you energy for all the day. When you wake up in the morning you are fasting from 8-10 hours so eating something will help you to settle down your metabolism and blood sugar level.

  1. Cut Down Sugar Intake

Cut Down Sugar Intake

Well your journey to the healthy life style starts when you have control on sweets. You must have heard , the other name of sugar is “sweet Poison”. Increased obesity rate across the globe is result of artificial added sugar. So remove this deadly toxic from your diet as soon as possible. For beginners it’s important to take foods that provide 30 – 40 percent calories. Because cutting down sugar at once can have adverse effects on your health. Avoiding juices (soft drinks, fruit juices) or desserts ( chocolates, Sweets, cheese cakes, pudding) with added sugar is the healthiest way.

  1. Eat More Protein And Fiber Food

Eat More Protein And Fiber FoodProtein is necessary for you while working out. Protein prevents muscle loss while you are losing your body fats. Its recommended to take natural protein enriched foods Like cheese, milk, butter and eggs instead of taking artificial supplements. Nutrition’s worldwide believes that athletes should take protein enriched food every 3 hours. More over take A lot of fiber. Vegetables are enriched in fiber. Fiber helps to burn your body fat and improve your digestion. It has ability to maintain your cholesterol level hence maintaining your body fitness.

  1. Reduce Stress

Reduce Stress

I believe that your physical health has a very strong bond with mental fitness. “Healthy Minds have Healthy bodies”.  Mental games can boost your confidence so you can athletically perform well. More stress level can result in increased cortisol level. That results in more food cravings.  Relax your mind in the best possible ways. Yoga, mental game strategies and enough sleep ( 8 hours a day) can improve your athletic performance . Stress and sleep effects weight loss very badly. Stress is one of the reason of global obesity.

  1. Have different workouts routines

Have different workouts routines

Human body has ability to accept and absorb the change after specific interval of time. The food intake, sleeping patterns, sports etc and we call it a routine. Likewise your body gets used to one workout routine after sometime. It will develop a capability to bare the stress it goes through sooner or later. That is why you need a new workout time table after specific interval. Try new exercises for muscle growth, increase or decrease the weight you lift, have tips from some other instructor, try some compound exercises or increase the repetition.

  1. Work on your Legs

Work on your Legs

Let me tell you on odd implication “Work on your legs, if you want to work on the other parts of your body”. Yes!! Working on your legs will help you to build muscles of your body. 70 percent muscles are present in the lower part of body. When you will work on this part, it will release certain hormones to make other muscles strong. Doing squats, running, deadlifts and more will make It easier to build on muscles of your arms, back and chest as well. And muscular legs will increase your confidence for sure.

  1. Decrease Body Fats While You Are Not Working Out

Decrease Body Fats While You Are Not Working Out

Decreasing body fats and reaching to the peak fitness point is not possible at the same time. The reason is, when you lose weight you take less calories that can make you more tired while working out. So the best way is to shed some fats in off season or during less hectic training sessions. Take small meals while you are reading book or having family time. Most experts say that losing half kg (1 pound) is ideal weight loss for Athletes.

  1. Take it Easy

Take it Easy

All the young ladies and Gentlemen, take it easy. Do not rush for supplements to build your muscles up. Supplements are not going to help you in gym. And many of them can destroy your figure once you stop using them.  Learn to relax and limit your activities when you are out of gym. Excess of everything is wrong, use your energy in other activities too. Adequate workout and balance diet is the best and healthiest way to keep your body fit and happy.


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