Desktop internet usage continues to fall, and mobile usage continues to rise.  App sales for 2020 are predicted to reach around $188 billion and a healthy 10% of those sales will be business apps.  Small businesses have been quick to adopt the new technology, recognizing that a good app can save money, drive sales and make life a whole lot easier.  Apps mean that you are no longer out of touch when you are out of the office and they allow all team members to stay up to speed wherever they are. Here are four apps that have already proven their worth.

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This software, with its attendant app, enables you to manage your workload and delegate tasks to the appropriate department or employee.  The app gives you an overview of team capacity at a glance.  Teamwork helps ensure a fair distribution of work, the matching of tasks to the appropriate person and the meeting of deadlines.  The app allows you to see each person’s availability and allows you to reassign tasks in response to a changing situation. The app will even identify resource bottlenecks so that you can take pre-emptive action.

small businesses


Rated as one of the best online Customer Relationship Management tools around, this is a huge software package that uses big data to manage a business’s relationship with current and potential customers.  Its mantra is ‘Customers today want relationships not transactions.’ Insightly handles marketing, sales and project management all on one platform.  For businesses large and small its introduction has been transformative, and it is currently being used by over 25,000 companies in 190 countries. It provides a detailed background on customers, partners, vendors and suppliers and micro-manages every stage of the project.  Its success lies in that the system is designed to be used by business people, not by techies. Its free app works in tandem with the web applications so that the entire team always has access to information on the go.


Particularly popular with freelancers, Toggl provides helpful, unobtrusive time tracking, with an app that is available for every platform and which integrates well with other software.  As you track your time, Toggl will make personalized entry suggestions. It’s easy to add projects and clients to the system which will also handle your billing and reporting.



Soldo provides multi-use spending accounts for businesses by means of their prepaid cards.  The prepaid cards allow all members of the team to access expenses without exposing the company to any of the attendant risks involved in using a conventional company credit card.  The app works alongside the web applications which allow employers to track employee spending in real-time, see where and when money is being spent and impose spending limits on specific headings such as accommodation and dining.  Cards can be frozen instantly without the need to freeze an entire account. The app makes life easier for employees as well, not only can they access expenses, they can capture receipts digitally and add them to transactions immediately.


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