How to Start a Career in Tech with No University Degree

How to Start a Career in Tech with No University Degree

The technology industry is among the most inclusive when it comes to recruitment. Spending three or years in university to get a degree can be useful, but it’s not exactly mandatory for a successful career in tech. This is a sector where self-taught professionals have the chance to be considered for high-paying jobs just as much as someone with formal accolades. 

If you’re unwilling to spend thousands of pounds and several years of your life to earn a degree, there are several ways to make yourself attractive to tech companies and start-ups. How to make recruiters in tech consider your resume? Let’s explore some options. 

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Create an Outstanding Portfolio 

If you aspire to a career in tech, you’re probably passionate about a specific subfield like software development, web design, iOS and Android development or UI/UX design. All these career paths require extensive digital skills that can be best showcased in an online portfolio. The portfolio is the most accurate representation of how advanced your skills are. 

With no actual work experience or relevant educational background, an outstanding portfolio with your best projects is the only way to get your foot in the door for a good position in tech. The projects included don’t have to come from contract positions. If you have nothing to add, you can develop some personal projects with the exclusive goal of adding them to the portfolio. 

Attend Practical Courses  

People who learn better by doing tend to dislike academic environments where they are forced to face a deluge of information that doesn’t always seem relevant or up-to-date. There is, however, a case to be made for institutionalized learning too. Not everyone has the discipline to learn by themselves. Getting direct feedback and guidance from a qualified person can also be a game-changer. 

If you want to hone your tech skills in an organized environment, yet you don’t want to make a huge time investment, you can attend vocational courses. A good example is the HNC, a one-year vocational route for people who want to develop practical skills in a high-demand field, including technology. Find out more about the HNC meaning and check whether it’s something that can be useful to you. 

Get an Internship Position 

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Interns usually get meager or no pay, but that should not deter you from applying to an internship if your long-term goal is to start a tech career without credentials. An internship gets you in the middle of the action in a company, in a position where you can watch and learn directly from qualified professionals. 

Although your responsibilities as an intern are likely to be minimal, it’s a great opportunity to network and to show that you are a proactive and motivated individual who learns fast. If you feel that you don’t have yet the skills to qualify for a paid position, try to secure an internship instead. Gradually, you will be able to make your way up to either in the same company or in a different one. 

In a rapidly-evolving industry like tech, skills and abilities matter significantly more than academic qualifications. Tech changes much faster than a university curriculum, which means any self-taught and passionate person can launch their career in tech and contribute to the field without passing through university halls. 

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