Top 7 Laptops For Digital Nomads

Top 7 Laptops For Digital Nomads

A digital nomad is a person who isn’t dependent on location, and use technologies to remotely perform his job. The biggest advantage of becoming a digital nomad is, of course, flexibility. You don’t have to go to the office every day and sit there for 8 hours. Instead, you can do your work from any place in the world and then enjoy the traveling

Although you don’t have to be in the office, you rely on your laptop. It is the only thing you need for work. That’s why it’s necessary to buy one which perfectly fits your needs, and allows you to do your job without any problems. It has to be travel-friendly, but have you wondered what other features should it have? If you have no idea, here are the key features of the perfect laptop for digital nomads.


Size is critical for travelers. The ideal laptop should be as light as possible. It’s recommended to choose one that weighs less than 3,5 pounds. The lightweight allows you to take the computer anywhere you need, and it won’t feel heavy.

However, you should also pay attention to screen size – if possible, choose one between 13-15 inches. It’ll make it easier for you to work when the screen is that big. You should avoid working on smaller screen sizes because it’s too demanding for your eyes.

Battery Life

The longer your battery lasts, the better. When you travel a lot and work from different places, the socket is not always available. Sometimes you don’t have access to electricity at all. That’s why you have to buy a laptop with a long-lasting battery for a minimum of 8 hours. It should be enough to let you finish your work without worrying that your computer can die when your work is not finished.


It’s an essential factor to consider. Especially if you’re at the beginning of your digital nomad career, it might be hard to invest a massive amount of money. Not everyone can spend $2000, so you should focus on buying a quality laptop with everything crucial for your work. You don’t have to obtain a top-tier notebook, because you won’t be using it potential anyways. 

Try to find one that is affordable and allows you to do your job. You can use websites such as Inside Tech to compare specific computers price and choose the one that is the most affordable.

Processing Power

Everything comes down to what you’re going to do on the computer. If all you need is a text editor, like Microsoft Word, etc. then you don’t need a strong processor. But the more advanced operations you have to perform, the better CPU you’re going to need. You have to ask yourself a question, how much processing power you’re going to need, and then make a choice based on the answer to that question.

Storage Space

Unfortunately, many small laptops perfect for traveling don’t come with enough storage space. It is bad because you’re going to need a lot of disk space. Photos and videos from your travels take up a lot of space. Besides, work files may take a lot of space too. That’s why you should get at least 128 GB disk. 

You should also think of alternative methods to save your data. Working in Google Drive might be a perfect solution if you’re afraid that your laptop might break or be stolen.

Possibility To Repair

Speaking of broken laptop – you want to fix it as soon as possible. Since this is the only tool for work that you need, it has to work correctly. If something wrong happens, you need to repair it as soon as possible. That’s why it’s best to choose a worldwide known brand laptop because they are the easiest to fix, and their repair locations are usually much more accessible. 

Long-Lasting Is The Best

You don’t want to change the laptop every year. Durability is an essential factor that you should pay attention to, as well. Read the comments and experts’ opinions about the specific laptop model. Choose one that lasts the longest. 

Every digital nomad must work on a good laptop. However, before you make a purchase, you have to make sure that it fits your needs. If you don’t know how to choose the perfect laptop for you, make sure to follow the above factors. They will guide you through the choosing process, and help you pick the best laptop for you.


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