10 Tips How to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Writing

Plagiarism is abhorred in any academic writing because it shows a lack of originality and creativity. A plagiarized paper or section cannot be accepted during submission. Students should detect plagiarism as early as possible to save time and avoid extensive revision demands. Ace Writing delivers the most original academic papers that will pass all plagiarism checking applications. 


A student has a responsibility to deliver a plagiarism-free paper. Several measures can be taken to ensure that the paper produced is original and free of plagiarism. Here are some of the steps you can take to avoid plagiarism. 

Provide Sufficient Time To Work On Your Paper

Working in a hurry is cited as one of the reasons students will end up with plagiarized work. Dedicate sufficient time to work on your paper to enable you to generate original content for your paper. Rushing at the last minute will cause you to copy from different authors or sources unconsciously. Once your paper is subjected to a plagiarism check, it returns a red-alert. 

A writer with sufficient time on his hands will generate the most original content. Original content is insightful and less prone to plagiarism. You need detailed planning to guarantee an adequate time to work on your paper. 

Cite All The Works From Other Sources

Plagiarism checkers will treat cited sections different from sections without citation. The absence of citation marks on a paper will be interpreted as plagiarism. Use examples or consult your tutor on ways to avoid being flagged for plagiarism since you must pick some sections directly from the works of other writers. 

A student must understand the citation rules used by each application. If the rules do not allow you to copy sections or will flag these sections down as plagiarism, they should be avoided. Some of the applications may be highlighting some of the sections unfairly. 

Hire A Professional Writer 

Avoiding plagiarism is a skill. Professional writers have been in the industry for a while and therefore understand how to escape plagiarism. The writers will deliver an original paper in the shortest time and also help you to avoid claims of plagiarism. 

Learn To Paraphrase 

Paraphrasing enables you to capture the same point but present it in different words. This is a trick allowed in academic writing. However, you must still attribute the idea to the original writer. Learn how to paraphrase the ideas of other people without losing the meaning or misinterpreting these ideas. 

Install Plagiarism Applications

Pass your paper through a plagiarism checker before submission. The department provides the acceptable percentages of plagiarism that a student must operate under. They also indicate the applications that will be used to check your paper upon submission. Install these applications on your word-processing software or check your work before submission. You take control of your plagiarism checking instead of waiting for the submission report. 

Use Multiple Plagiarism Applications In Your Work

Use several plagiarism checking tools in the course of writing and before submitting the work. Each plagiarism checker uses a different criterion to check for originality. It explains why the percentages will differ from one checker to the other. 

Take advantage of different applications to ensure that your work is original. It also guarantees safety in case a different application or checker is used by the department. Ensure that the percentages are as low as possible on all plagiarism checking platforms. 

Produce Original Work

Avoid copying the works of other writers. Produce original ideas and support them through paraphrasing. Most of the content on your paper should be as original as possible. Any copied section will be interpreted as plagiarism. It will, therefore, be impossible to escape the accusation of plagiarism. 

Use Examples In Your Writing

Imitate the approach taken by other academic writers. Use the most recent papers that have been subjected to plagiarism checkers. If these papers were passed, then your paper should be approved, as well. The examples should come from credible sources and be approved by your supervisor. Remember that using a wrong example will affect the quality of your paper and result in lower grades. 

Keep Your Work A Secret 

Do not share your work online or on any platform until it has been submitted and approved. Sharing the paper for conferences, or as part of articles, means that it will be detected by plagiarism checkers. The work should only be on the internet once it has been accepted by your supervisor or department. 

Use Live Plagiarism Applications 

Check for plagiarism in real-time. Do not wait until the completion of your paper to check for plagiarism. You will have a lot of work to revise the entire paper. A real-time plagiarism checker allows you to make corrections as soon as plagiarism is detected. 

A plagiarized paper will never be accepted for submission. Still, you cannot complete a paper without borrowing ideas from other people. The secret is to use tools that enable you to avoid plagiarism in all sections of your paper. 


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