Watch List – 50 Top SA Business Women To Watch

Watch List – 50 Top SA Business Women To Watch

“Women’s business rates are increasing by more than 10 million annually worldwide. Indeed, in many markets, women have the same or more chances than men to start businesses, “said Karen Quintos, EVP and Dell’s Customer Chief.

Watch List - 50 Top SA Business Women To Watch

The complete list of 50 most popular women of South Africa will clearly see the rising wave of women entrepreneurship. Although this movement is far from reaching its peak, those looking for inspiration, teachings or companies to invest in do not look beyond the list of pioneer women. So following are the 8 most popular women out of 50 most popular women of South Africa.

Anastasia Dobson-du Toit and Michelle Dateling

Such two co-founders met during the MBA report. At first, there had been six women who wanted to start a company together, but only Dobson-du Toit and Dateling finally developed an implementation plan to turn the venture into practice. Since being launched in an incredibly competitive and heavy-regulated market, the drug industry has been steadily growing 2 years later.

“Once we began, we knew we wanted the company to be a South African enterprise — to keep the money here and to boost the economy. We also realized, however, that in order to achieve this, we did not have to produce ourselves.

Most South African businesses have the potential to do this just in order to be able to do trade. We then focus on the production and marketing, where our abilities lay and the others are left out, “says Dobson-du Toit.

Charlotte Aubin

“We are the continent’s leaders of solar power,” Aubin said. Aube says that she wants GreenWish to be the leading independent transformational clean power generator in Africa, and “We combine the international and local networks, technical, financial and contract expertise with a massive transformative aim to accelerate social and economic development in Africa by providing energy access.” We want to speed up the process and its many beneficial applications, such as clean power options to governments and aid for the private sector and the public. Charlotte Aubin began life as an international investment manager, but she needed her time and expertise to make a positive impact on society and the environment.

Rapelang Rabana

Rapelang Rabana was named as a World Entrepreneur by the World Entrepreneurship Forum in 2014 and is an entrepreneur and businessman. She has been identified by the Unique Speaker Bureau (USB) as a common and knowledgeable speaker. Rabana says she hopes that Rekindle Education will be at the heart of education for the next 10 years and that it will allow people to grow their skills. In March 2017, Rabana was appointed a young global leader by the World Economic Forum. She hopes to help everyone, from students to businessmen to peasants.

“I think in the 10 years to come, not only entertainment and social media but schooling, training and learning material will be one of the bigger engines of data consumption on the continents,” said Rabana. “This is the essence of Rekindle reading.”

Lynn Baker

Lynn Baker completed a Disney Quality Service program soon after the start-up of her new business. She loved the program so much that she introduced into her company many of the Disney Customer Care principles. Your business, Executive Presence, concentrates on the experience and development of a management presence for customers. In an effort to improve the customer experience, firms like Uber and Airbnb thrived. The entire business of Baker draws on its customer expertise which positions it in the best position to help other businesses to change their sectors. “When did you and I begin to develop a better strategy for customer experience? We have to change our thinking and challenge our thinking. Above all we have to understand this in a totally new environment, “Baker says.

Dylan Kohlstädt

Dylan Kohlstädt set up at her kitchen table and then grew up to run her co-working team from the Garage. The firm keeps growing and only moves to its current offices at Eden on the Bay by means of its offices in the Barn. In a very short period of time, Shift One Marketing has seen consistent growth and will continue to be successful. Kohlstädt graduated from the Bandwidth Barn funded VeloCiTi Y incubation program as well as the opportunity to partake in a 2 week Blackbox. VC Silicon Valley immersion course supported by Google for Entrepreneurs.She has also been nominated in 2016 for the 2016 National Gazelles competition, receiving the 2016 NSBC Small Business Awards.

Noli Mini

Noli Mini started her business trip to different hotels to deliver spa treatments, being a virtual spa therapist. Mini has since expanded the design and now has two luxury rooms, restaurants, and guesthouses. Furthermore, Mini has expanded its customer base by catering to corporate offices, developed customized massage oils and its own brand of products for beauty and skincare. If you think she’d take up a stable, successful company, she’s also launching a spa and beauty training center.

Stacey Brewer

Stacey Brewer’s business model is behind SPARK Schools ‘ innovative education model. She gained so much attention from investors that in her first round of investment she resulted in rising R4.5 million. She was granted a further R28 million from the Affordable Education Fund of the Pearson Group as she introduced the low-price private school project. In 2016 she received R 150 million, bringing SPARK’s overall investment at R 200 million in her Series B round of support, in four years. “With 20 schools up to 2019, we’re going to educate 12,000 kids,” she says. Yet Brewer is not yet finished, she says. What’s this businesswoman planning to do next from the start of 20 schools in 6 years?

Nonkuthalo Thithi

Nonkuthalo Thithi found a gap in the market while working for several magazines. The most-read posts were those that included fashion tips to writers, how to go with mates from office to beer, or how to integrate patterns in the current wardrobe. I wanted to help men and women prepare themselves to make fashion choices more educated. It begins with how people see or feel, and you can start building a wardrobe from there, “Thithi says.

She aims to pursue her business growth and wishes that Styled to a T become a leading voice in designing companies and other businessmen among others. “The right tools and understanding of ourselves enable us to see our absolute best,” says Thithi.


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