I Am A Travel Blogger And I Love Color Pop, Here Is Why?

I Am A Travel Blogger And I Love Color Pop,  Here Is Why?

The war of winning people’s hearts on social media will never end, nor does the blogger’s envy over beautifully captured images of others. Some use multi-loads of filters, while some simplify the image by setting the monochromatic tone and highlighting some parts of the image using the color splash effect.

And The War Of Comparison Just Begins.

And The War Of Comparison Just Begins.

In fact, it’s not just bloggers, it can happen to all of us. You are reading something on social media or just exploring someone’s gallery, the content is meaningful, but the images are something that grabbed your attention first. You might have liked the content and find it similar to some other’ blog, but the images crafted make the whole content look outstanding.

And you immediately feel awful about the photos and images you have been using in your blog.


You are not alone in this, because your blog views seem to touch the new low, while other travel bloggers touching the new heights. Despite producing excellent content.

As we all know that content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content with few or no images.

It is also true that most people have a strong visual sense, they get attracted more by images rather than the actual text. That is why we travel bloggers to keep images on priority as they not only attract more visitors but add a nice break to the overall content and glamorize the overall blog post. Above all, they help us get more engagement, more shares and a plethora of traffic.

So, how do most bloggers do the magic with their ordinary pictures and make them stand out?

With the right image editing tools of course. These photo editors and filters help them to design their images graphically by overlapping shapes, adding different color effects, resizing, cropping and color splashing.

But selecting the right tool might be the real struggle most bloggers battle with, here, I can help them by suggesting one on-the-go, easy-to-use, and free tool that help them edit their pictures.

Color pop is a simple photo editor that helps you edit your picture by turning them to grayscale. And afterward, you can highlight the picture by adding a color splash effect.

Why Color Splash Effect Is Need Of The Hour?

Why Color Splash Effect Is Need Of The Hour?

Color splash effect is the need of the hour, it brightens up your image instantly. Because light helps in brightening up a specific part of the picture when compared to the dark section, it attracts the focus to the color-splashed part of the image.

For example, in the picture of a flower, our highlighted object is a flower, when the rest of the image is turned dark and the flower is highlighted using a bright yellow color. What will happen, everyone will notice the beauty of the yellow flower. Rest go ignored.

Moreover, the splashing color effect helps in setting up the coordination, and differences between two objects lie in a specific image. They make them pop and attract the right attention in the first place. That is why most photographers prefer having editors with color splash effect.

For example, you have a picture in which you want to highlight rain or a flower of the umbrella, then turn the picture into black and white photo editor – and then add blue, yellow or red color to the aforementioned images.

The color splash effects will help you highlight a specific region of the picture. Other features of color splash effects include,

  • Pan and zoom any part of the picture.
  • Complete control of brush size and opacity.
  • Social media sharing is possible and is very easy, all you need is to edit the picture and share it on Instagram and Facebook.

So overall rating of the color pop app is 4 stars which makes it the best choice for travel bloggers like me.


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