PPC And Social Media – How Can The Two Help Specifically Target Chosen Audiences

PPC And Social Media – How Can The Two Help Specifically Target Chosen Audiences
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Whether you have recently started up your business or you are looking for new ways to target your audience, a PPC Essex agency can help get your feet off the ground. We’re taking a closer look at some of the most beneficial targeting options from job industry and company targeting, to location targeting below.

Job Industry & Company Targeting

One of the great things about advertising on social media is the ability to target audiences by job industry and company targeting, meaning that you can target by industry in addition to the companies people work for. This is great, particularly for B2B businesses looking to advertise to businesses of a similar industry or are looking a new individual to join their team. 

Job Title Targeting

Similar to job industry and company targeting, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn enable you to target audiences by job title. This can come in useful if you are looking to sell a product to a particular audience or remit of employees. For example, if you are offering a free digital marketing eBook download, then you may target people with job titles such as Marketing Manager, Account Manager, Advertising Manager, Campaign Manager, Social Media Executive and more. 

Location Targeting

Location Targeting

Location targeting does exactly what it says on the tin; it targets people within a particular country. However, on some platforms, you can go that one step forward and target people by county or even by postcode to help ensure that you are generating the results that you need. You can also target people who live in the area, have previously lived in the area and are moving to the area, to help ensure that no corner is missed. 

Interest Targeting

If you are targeting users by what they are or have expressed interest in, you can do so through interest targeting. Interest targeting enables you to target users who have liked a particular page or one that is related to your very own Facebook page or your business industry. It’s a great way to capture a large audience and, with enough research, you can slowly but surely pick out new way to target your audience through their existing interests. 



If you have ever visited a website, left without making a purchase and then seen the product you were looking at on your Facebook Feed the next day, then you have been a victim of remarketing. For businesses, however, remarketing is an excellent way to capture audiences when they are least expecting it. In short, it can help you reach a targeted audience whilst lowering your marketing expenses. You can’t go wrong!

A well thought-out PPC strategy and social media strategy could be exactly what you need to lift your marketing efforts off the ground. Consider how it could benefit your business and how these unique targeting options can help you to reach new audiences

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