Content Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

Content Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

A decade has passed since the slogan “content is king” came onto the digital marketing landscape but it remains as relevant as ever. It will surely continue to dominate the business landscape for years to come, despite and because of numerous technological advancements. People are hungry for information and with the advent of digital transformation, companies will have to be forward-thinking when it comes to planning and implementing effective content strategies.

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We predict an increase in marketing spend across all industries as businesses struggle with an audience that’s eager to know more about the type of product or service they are selling.

Adaptation is crucial for businesses to remain relevant and profitable, so it’s important for them to be equipped with the best insights for planning out an effective content marketing campaign. That being said, here are a few marketing trends to watch out for in 2020.

1. The Success Of Video-Based Campaigns

Content marketing will undergo major changes in the coming year. For instance, people are becoming even more responsive to visual content, particularly videos. Since Facebook and other social networking sites began integrating videos in their platforms, companies have become keen on including video marketing in their campaigns. It’s only a matter of coming up with high-quality videos with well-researched and engaging content. Everyone wants in on the benefits that videos can provide, so be sure to stay authentic and provide something fresh to your audience. 

2. High-Quality Blogs

Despite the emerging popularity of video content, blogging remains just as effective in terms of raising brand awareness and generating leads. As online transactions become increasingly pervasive, modern buyers will have to rely on blog content to determine whether to purchase a product or service even as they get as much information as they can through web content. Long-form content that’s rich with relevant data will take center stage in effective blogging campaigns.

3. Dynamic And Mobile-Friendly Websites

There are no stopping people who continue to depend on mobile devices for their transactions. That being said, companies should look into optimizing their website content for users who are on the go. This would mean increasing loading speeds and considering a dynamic web design that’s just as engaging through a smartphone or tablet screen. Along with effective web design, it’s also important to create a highly engaging copy that can support your brand and facilitate conversions. For this, you might need to hire marketing copywriters who can help you create effective website content that speaks directly to your audience. 

4. Reliance On Analytics

Marketing will become even more numbers-driven throughout 2020 and beyond. For sure, companies will have to invest in platforms that let them gather marketing intelligence and come up with necessary insights for building audience-centered content. This will allow them to stay ahead of the competition in their respective markets. 

Who knows what else can transpire in 2020. Companies will just have to stay focused and be observant of major disruptions in content marketing. 


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