Five Ways to Improve your Site’s Ranking in 2020

Five Ways to Improve your Site’s Ranking in 2020

Today millions of websites are competing with each other to get better ranking. Everyone wants to be on top, everyone wants to beat others. And the race goes on and on. Well, there are a lot of ways that can help you in getting a better ranking but the easiest one is to search for a recon SEO agency. A trusted one, that can maximize your growth and attract more audiences on your website. 

Other than that, the following are the best 5 ways to improve Site’s Ranking in 2020: 

Relevant Content: 

No SEO agency or any IT expert can help you in getting a better ranking if your content is not good. Content is a key to getting a better ranking in google search engine. You must have heard that content is a king and there is no doubt in the fact. Try To create content yourself. Don’t Copy or paste that topic and content. Unique content with no plagiarism is the best way to get noticed by several people at once. Focus on the quality of content you are producing, quantity doesn’t matter that much. 

Use of Keywords: 

The next important thing is to identify a specific keyword or a keyword phrase. Any website can’t get better ranking if its keywords are not properly used in the content. Try to figure out unique keywords that people mostly search for. It could be any recent event, a disease, a disaster, a political event or any recent IT development. For instance, nowadays people are searching more about Coronavirus. So the articles or the content with the keyword “ coronaVirus” will be on the top of the ranking of course. 

Choose A URL: 

It is very wise of you if you select a URL once and then get stuck to it. Changing websites URL now and then would have an awful impact on your site’s ranking. Changing a URL means you are going to break all the existing links to your website. That is not a good idea at all. If you want to improve your website ranking in 2020 try to backlink your URL on other trustable websites. It helps google to indicate that your website is trustworthy and producing unique content. 

Following are some of the tips to choose URL: 

  • Try to add your keyword to a URL. though it’s possible all the time. 
  • Select a simple URL structure. 
  • The URL should be logical. 
  • In case you want to change the URL, always use redirects. 

Increase Website Loading Speed: 

Have you ever been through a situation where you have to abandon a website because it was taking too long to reload? It happens a lot of times. So if you want to increase growth and target audience on your web page, the important thing is to increase the website loading speed. The maximum time of a webpage loading speed should be no more than10 seconds. People today don’t have much time to wait for so long. Also, many other websites are offering the same content. So high competition demands more web page loading speed. 

Mobile Responsive Website: 

I believe people find it easy to search for different things on mobile as compared to laptops or computers. So it is obvious that a mobile responsive website will get more target audiences as compared to the site that does not provide this service. Mobile users will click away from your site quickly and in case it doesn’t work on their mobile devices, that will hurt your site ranking. 

The above 5 ways are not the only ways that can help you in having a better site ranking. But these are the easiest yet effective one. So in 2020 using these 5 great ways to get high ranking in google search engine. 

What is your opinion is one of the most useful tips to get top site ranking? 


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