Choosing a secondary school: a teacher’s guide for parents

Choosing a secondary school: a teacher’s guide for parents

The commencement of secondary school visits for parents of students in their final year of primary school occurs in the autumn. What should parents look for when choosing a secondary school for their children? This is the question that sariese in every parent’s mind when they search for a secondary school for their kid as it is an important decision for the future of teir child.So let’s find out what should parents look for when they are choosing a secondary school for their children?

When should I begin my search for a secondary school?

Although parents of Year 5 students are invited to attend open days, you cannot apply for a secondary seat until your child is in Year 6.

If your region has grammar schools, it’s absolutely worth looking at them at the beginning of Year 5 to see if you want your child to take the 11+. Early decision-making gives for more preparation time, and if your desired school is a comprehensive one, your child will not be required to take the exam.

If you go to open days when your kid is in Year 5, you’ll be able to compare notes when you come back in Year 6.

Which schools should I visit?

When distance and transportation methods are taken into account, there may not be many schools to choose from depending on where you reside. Nearly every school’s entrance standards are based on the distance between your house and the school, and siblings are typically given first preference, so do some research beforehand to see what your alternatives are. Most school websites provide an admission  policy and prospectus for the parents to get information about the school.

On different websites, you can search for and compare nearby schools for example you can Visit the secondary school at or other good ones on the school’s official websites, and if you want to know if a school was overcrowded in 2021 or where their current intake lives, select a house near yours online and click on the school checker option!

After you’ve found the schools in your region, choose the ones you want to visit. At this point, don’t rule out any schools based on their reputation; instead, evaluate if you’ll be considering grammar, comprehensive, independent, or religion schools.

What information can I obtain prior to the school visit?

You can learn a lot about a school from the comfort of your own home once you’ve narrowed down your search. Spend some time conducting some internet research, visiting school websites, and participating in local forums.

It’s crucial to keep in mind how the colleges you’re comparing were chosen. A growing comprehensive school is unlikely to outperform a stagnant grammar school, but a dedicated teaching staff might be just what your kid requires. On most schools’ websites, you’ll discover a prospectus. This will give you an overview of the school’s specialties so you can see whether they align with your child’s interests and abilities.

Whether you’re enrolling in a public or private school, or homeschooling, or paying tuition, proper planning is essential. The sections above have briefly described what a parent should consider before choosing a suitable secondary school for their child, as well as providing room for parents to jot down their ideas as they go through the process of selecting a suitable secondary school for their child. Remember, you’re searching for a school that will make your child’s and your academic experience as inspiring as possible. 

We hope you would have found this article helpful in getting rid of your confusion of choosing the right secondary school for your child.


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