Differences Between Python and PHP

Differences Between Python and PHP

Despite the fact, that for years PHP settled up the top places of the programming languages, in recent years the tendency among the coders to prefer Python to PHP became extremely noticeable.

Although most of the web development tasks can be solved via both languages. But some of them can really be solved easier with PHP, other with Python.

Pros and Cons of PHP

PHP is a well-known and very functional programing language. Nowadays, most of the written websites are constructed on its basis. And when choosing this language the coder will not face the problem that hosting service does not support it. Each hosting services now recognize PHP5+. And if you are just starting to learn this language there are no reasons to worry about compatibility with services.

However, this is not a reason to relax as in comparison to Python PHP is a quite complicated language with C-like syntax. This might be a great plus for those who earlier studied C or C++. But even with the previous experience of work with other alike languages PHP is frequently unsuitable to solve rather simple tasks. To a great joy of Pythonists, it does not take a rocket scientist to solve these tasks with a couple of lines of code in Python.

Also, PHP has an incredible number of forums that will give answers to all the questions quickly enough to continue working without serious delays with project realization.

Among the most notable PHP advantages can easily be highlighted the following:

  • It is multifunctional for the purposes of web development;
  • The integration of PHP with MySQL for work with databases
  • Extremely high speed when working with complex tasks
  • Easy to use even by the newbies.

Advantages and disadvantages of Python

In recent times Python started to gain popularity. Its syntax is very simple for understanding as it has excellent clarity. Almost all the graphical user interfaces  (GUI) can be used along with the Python. It is also capable to recognize high-level types of data. The speed of work and command execution in Python is higher than in PHP. Of course, none of them are the fastest, but still, websites written with the help of Python run faster.

The number of Python support services and frameworks are actively growing. The quality of the community supports is also actively growing. However, no language can reach the number of forums, services, and the number of PHP community members.

The most popular Python framework is Django and this is not just a coincidence. It allows a very simple and quick creation of mid-level websites, blogs, and Landing Pages. For example, quite a good Django blog can be written in a couple of days, and it will function well.

Among the strongest benefits of Python are the following:

  • Strong focus on the readability and simplicity to understand the code
  • Caching system availability
  • Numerous libraries used along with the Python
  • The wide range of add-on features introduced
  • Fast-rising popularity on the world market

PHP and Python are quite strong competitors but its impossible to choose which one is better, as each has its positive sides as well as negative ones. Where Python is only recently started to gain its popularity, the PHP has been loyal and served to its developers for many years. The number of vacancies is growing all the time, especially since the PHP7 appeared. For Python developers, the number of vacancies also grows fast, but it is most appropriate for those who live in a big city, in other cases it would be better to start learning PHP instead of Python.

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