Top 5 Negative Effects of Social Networks on Students

Top 5 Negative Effects of Social Networks on Students

Social media allows people around the world to stay connected remotely. While most social networks were created to keep you close to people you may know, things have changed over the years. Strangers can meet on social media and build life-long friendships. Social media is open to people from different classes of society and different ages. However, most of the active users on social networks are students. These teenagers and young adults spend hours daily on social media. While this comes with advantages, there are many negative effects of social networking on students. 

Top 5 Negative Effects of Social Networks on Students 

Top 5 Negative Effects of Social Networks on Students

1. Lack of Concentration and Sleep Deprivation 

Because of the hours student spend on social media, concentrating on everything else is difficult. The time that would have been spent on schoolwork, homework, and sleep, is spent on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and others. It’s easy to lack concentration in everything else and concentrate perfectly on social networking from best smm panel. Some students visit social networks during classes as they attempt to multitask. However, studies have shown that multitasking is a myth and it is impossible to give different activities 100% attention at the same time. Some students sleep for only 4 to 6 hours when they should be getting up to 8 hours of sleep because they spend a lot of time online. 

2. Risk of Social Isolation 

Studies have found a strong relationship between social media and social isolation. When students spend so much time participating in the virtual world, they might develop social anxiety because of the fear of missing out. Seeing pictures of others having fun, going to parties, and engaging in other activities without being invited will make them feel left out. They also think that social networking is the same as going out to socialize. However, the truth is that they are isolating themselves and missing out on the present. 

3. Risk of Falling Victim to Cyberbullying

As if bullying in the classroom isn’t enough, the advent of social media has brought to birth a new and more painful form of bullying; cyberbullying. One student can be attacked by millions of people around the world for posting a picture or making a comment. The effects of cyberbullying include but are not limited to stress, loneliness, anxiety, isolation, low self-esteem, and depression. In some cases, victims of cyberbullying have been pushed over the edge and committed suicide. Cyberbullying is worst than bullying in the classroom because more people participate and the victim may have trouble maintaining an active online presence after the attack. You can ask a professional on to write an article about cyberbullying for you. 

4. Social Media Depression 

On social media, it’s easy to push a narrative that isn’t true. Most people post pictures of themselves having fun, enjoying wealth and having the perfect body. It helps in promoting an unrealistic image of what life should look like. Students who are addicted to social media strive to meet up to these standards set online. They struggle to fit in, to be accepted or to stand out. When they fail, they experience an emotional disturbance which leads to depression. This form of depression is often referred to as social depression. 

5. Developing Low Self-esteem 

Social comparison is a part of life. A healthy level of social comparison can build an individual’s perception of self. It can also be a great source of motivation. However, social media puts a lot of pressure on people and allows them to compare themselves to others in an unhealthy way. When they don’t meet up, they start developing low self-esteem. 

These are the top five negative effects of social networks on students. There are many other negative effects. If you must use social media, consider doing it moderately.


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