Technological Forces That Shape Yaour Future

Technological Forces That Shape Yaour Future
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It is 21st century and we humans are so much dependants on technology now. Can you imagine your life without some very basic technology innovation like Smartphone, internet, online banking, advance means of transportation and much more? No if had an opportunity to take only one above mention thing out of your life, you will feel incomplete. Have you ever though that what is future of technology. How technological forces are going to shape our lives? If yes then below is a little highlight of 4 Technological forces that are going to shape our future. Have a look on them.

Mobile Messengers

Mobile Messengers

Many researches and stats show that mobile messengers are growing so fast. Soon they are going to be more dominant on social media websites like Twitter, instagram, LinkedIn and face book. As the time is passing audiences are shifting their social media trend and in the coming years people will focus more on private messaging as compared to share something on public platforms. Have you ever thought that why is that so? I have figured out four reasons of shift toward Mobile messengers. Let’s have a look on them.

  1. Messengers are More Natural

Messengers are More Natural

The exchange of words using private messengers is more natural, as you feel the same like face to face conversation. You can share different pictures, post, Audios and videos with your loved ones privately. So no one can invade your privacy.

  1. Cheap


Social media Apps costs sometimes to avail their special services. But this messengers are free to use without any extra charges.

  1. Less Advertisement


Sometimes you want clean environment, free of useless ads and pictures. People are shifting towards those private messenger platforms because of free and private environment.

  1. Less Pressure


Less competition, less pressure. People sharing their success stories or beautiful pictures increases the complex in those who are a step behind then them.




Technology already has so many advancements in it. It has acceleration in it by every passing day. You are sitting in Pakistan but you can easily everything happening in USA with the help of screens.  Screens enable you to see Eifel Tower while sitting in office. So you can enjoy a little of vacations even at office cabin. In the coming future technological forces will enable Screening and interacting with universal library with all your body and mind. Screening will allow a better understanding on a specific subject or field of life.

Links and tags in any research are becoming a trend now a day. In coming future you will be able to have a deepen grip on any subject because everything is going to be inter related and inter connected. Soon you will begin to write books or articles to be read as oddments or to be remixed as pages resulting in the whole and an ever-growing universal library which is even greater than its parts. Yes it would happen, you life will become little more different than it is today.



Among television, Radio, Newspaper, Internet is going to be the only medium that seems to be future Proof. You can generate more Ads and get even more money through social media platforms in coming years. But here the element of filtration is very important. As it tunnel down the area of your interest no matter if it is sports, News, entertainment, shopping, or what else. Amazon and some other websites already have the feature of filtering. It enables you to narrow down special information and prices of particular things. Amazon offers you different things after analyzing your search history keenly.

You need filtering because a flood of useless information might waste your time. There should be some gate keeping. Like your parents, teachers, Siblings, publishers, authorities all of them act as a good gate keeper for you. They allow the flow of a certain amount of information regarding any specific field of life. So see how filtering can shape your life in a better way. Likewise it is required in internet and web too. In coming few years like 1 or 2 years trust me you will be filtering entire web and cloud hence uplifting the scale of personalization and security.



All of us are using social media websites like Face book. And we are more willing to share the content we like. It helps to generate some general information among the public. As you know a combined work of a community will give us better results as compared to individuals. And a group of people using particular social platform hence forms a community. Forexample you want to have a picture of taj Mahal, wonder of the world. For this you need to stand in front of it. Some photographer might have posted its pictures on his page or account. You can use them after permission or a legal process required.

Have you ever thought to help these creators of “online content: financially? Well some of content producers are earning a little. But in the coming years with the help of technological forces you will be able to generate a lot of money just by sharing content on social media platforms and websites. Companies are going to dream to upgrade themselves form product production to online sharing. Let this time come, you will be acting like a boss than. Experts once believed that humans would not share the large list of subjects, but thanks to latest technological forces, we are now sharing the right content at the right time. Wait for more unexpected things.

Conclusion: Technological Forces That Shape Your Future:

It’s good to stay one step ahead. People mostly plan their future by seeing the near past of them. But when I talk about technology, nothing is going to be same in the coming 20 years. Technology is growing so fast every minute, everyday. Keep in your mind that above forces are just my predictions, not your destiny. I just wanted you that you are headed to this direction. In case you have some extra knowledge regarding above content don’t hesitate in sharing this with us.

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