5 Ways On How Technology Is Reshaping Kids In Primary Schools in 2019

5 Ways On How Technology Is Reshaping Kids In Primary Schools in 2019

As technology grows, so do our ways of teaching children at school. Almost gone are the days where we had to bring props to present visuals in order for students to better understand subjects. Instead, lots of teachers nowadays use modern tech to help children learn and discover new things that will benefit them in the future.

Since the new and upcoming generations of students are more prone to various technologies, it’s a good advantage to make use of those materials and turn them into forms of teaching whether you are educating Math, Arts, Science, English or any subject that makes use of devices.

Alas, here are the 5 ways on how technology helps kids in primary school learn in 2019.

1. It introduces engagement with children

While the learning process from teacher to student is important, it doesn’t hurt when you involve a different medium to the table for them. For example, you can present a Science game that includes a talking mascot that directly speaks to the student. Not only will the child find this alluring but they will also have more enthusiasm and willingness to learn the subject. Who said learning can’t be fun?

Not only does this benefit the kids but it also benefits the teacher too since these type of teaching programs make it easier for them to plan what to educate for the students. These programs have their own premade topics that can help students learn faster and help teachers lessen their tasks and make their plans simpler.

2. Gaming is now a new form of learning

Video games have often been ridiculed for making people “dumb” and “violent” when, in reality, it’s just another form of entertainment right beside books, movies, and TV. In fact, video games are now transformed into learning media.

Games like Minecraft, SimCity, and even Roblox are used as platforms for teaching child players about micromanagement, quick decisions, and creativity. Additionally, there are also education-focused games that include Math, Science, Logic, English, Drawing, and Typing in general.

Outside of school-approved games, online competitive games serve as beneficial learning tools too. These games help enhance the child’s social skills, reflexes, awareness of the surroundings, and concentration in order to achieve victory.

And, of course, video games as a whole teaches you great hand-and-eye coordination. As long as the child plays in just an ample amount of time, video games are very good teaching tools.

3. Technology opens the world of internet to kids

The internet is definitely a wonderland, but even wonderlands have shadows that nobody dares to cross in. And so, teaching primary school students about internet safety 101 is currently one of the most important valuable lessons for kids today. The internet is a big world that literally anybody can get into and if the kids don’t know what’s right and wrong there, they might end up on the wrong side of things.

Ed Tech teachers help students learn web etiquette including how to properly talk to someone on the internet, how to not go to inappropriate websites and how to not share all their personal data for social media profiles.

Teachers also frankly display the dangers of the internet including scams, random malicious persons and viruses. That way, children will know where to not engage in whenever they’re surfing the web.

4. It makes the young computer-literate

Being computer-literate is as important as being literate on paper especially in these modern times. Writing using the keyboard and interacting with the screen using the mouse are essentials for the world we live in today. Typing used to be a secondary skill but now it’s a priority for everyone.

Since society relies on technology, children must know how to input words onto the screen for future purposes. Registering your data online, working on assignments, talking to people on social media, and in the future, working in the business.

If you can’t be computer-literate at all, then you won’t be able to survive the modern world. And so, teachers must take the responsibility to teach the new generation of students on how to type and use the computer.

Programs such as Microsoft Office and Adobe are now part of the learning spectrum too. Word is for general writing including paperwork, scripts and blogs, Excel for organization and auto-calculated Math, Powerpoint for school presentations, and Notes for personal plans.

While there are still a lot of schools across the world that don’t teach it, Adobe is now also used as an essential tool for students. Photoshop and Illustrator are great for kids who have an eye on photography and editing, while After Effects and Premiere are for those who want to excel in videos.

5. Technology Opens Up as Aspiration

Finally, technology shapes children into what they want to become when they grow older. Thanks to technology, it helps kids discover their inner-self and what they want to do in life. Becoming a coder, an online writer, a digital marketer, an editor, an engineer, a photographer, a web designer, an online teacher, or even a YouTube/Twitch content creator are all thanks to modern technologies opened up to children of today.

For all we know, the newer generation will help innovate technology more than ever before.

And so, those are the 5 ways on how technology is reshaping kids in primary schools. In 10 to 15 years from now, primary school kids of today will build brand-new technology for tomorrow. That’s how helpful tech is in our current time.


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