7 Simple Ways To Take Your Company’s Security Seriously

7 Simple Ways To Take Your Company’s Security Seriously
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Keeping your company safe can be increasingly difficult as malware that targets weaknesses in software become more prominent. From hacks to the accidental sharing of information with the wrong third parties, it is vital that your business is taking all the necessary measures to ensure security procedures are being followed on various levels. It can be easy to lose sight of how incorrect processes lend themselves to being attacked, so this article will outline a few ways you can implement change. Any action taken can have either positive or negative repercussions, so it’s important to know if what you’re doing is right for your company’s safety. 

1. Store Your Documents Safely

Malware, spyware, and phishing are all methods of extracting important and confidential data from your system. The best way to thwart these attempts is by ensuring that your data is encrypted and stored in software with the utmost security. In today’s digital environment, many companies are opting to store their documents on cloud-based software, however, it is important to find the most secure software that allows its users total control over their data. Virtual data rooms, compared to Dropbox and Google Drive, are the best option for keeping data behind iron-clad security features and complex permission settings so that only the right third parties can see your data when you choose to let them. 

2. Shred Physical Documents

If you want to keep it old school and still use paper for your documents, then it is advised that you shred them once they are no longer relevant. Keeping confidential physical documents easily accessible can compromise the security of your information by anyone that has access to them or that enters your building. Be diligent about where you keep these documents and ensure that they are properly disposed of when they are no longer useful or when you are planning to convert them to digital versions. 

3. Use Stronger Passwords

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This point is an obvious one, but it’s easy to overlook the importance of strong passwords that are updated every 90 days. Most companies prompt their employees with a password update on their individual computers to ensure that everyone is aware of the procedure and can generate a safer password every time. The strongest passwords have a combination of letters and numbers, so it can be difficult to remember them once they’ve been implemented. Keeping them stored somewhere safely is just as important so as to avoid it getting into the wrong hands. 

4. Review Your Practices 

Holding meetings every few months that review the security processes your company is practicing can make or break the safety of your confidential information. It is important to look through these established methods to find any previously undetected weaknesses and correct them before it is too late. This is also a vital way in helping your employees perform to the best of their abilities and allowing them to suggest any improvements they think might help prevent any system hacks. 

5. Stay Informed

The security process you may have learned and implemented a year ago might now be ineffective, so it’s important that you stay informed and up to date on new practices. Take the time to research new software, such as VDRs, and discover which methods can work the best for your business to provide the utmost security. Every company is different, but staying aware of improvements in security procedures can dictate their failure or success. 

6. Inform Others

Once you have acquired all the necessary information on the right security practices, then the next step is to inform unaware coworkers or employees. By keeping everyone on the same page the ability to maintain the security of confidential information increases and any improper practices can be corrected. Hold a monthly meeting, as mentioned above, or simply send out a mass email with points to keep in mind when locking computers, shredding documents, or generating new passwords. Knowledge is the most powerful tool and it should be shared whenever possible. 

7. Effective Front Desk Security

Effective Front Desk Security
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And finally, when dealing with physical security, hiring a competent and effective security team for the front desk of a building is key in ensuring the safety of your employees. They too should be aware of relevant security methods and practices to ensure that no unwanted visitors are able to enter the building and gain access to confidential documents. Employees should always have access cards with identifying pictures on them to show the security team to who they are and that they belong in the building.  

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